SmartXD Collaboration

Unity is a SmartXD application integrated with Microsoft Exchange that provides a unified inbox and calendar across multiple security domains.

Features & Functions

Unity provides unified views of inbox, calendar, contacts and tasks across Exchange systems and security levels. Users can read, save and interact with attachments without copy, filter or transfer through a data guard. Unity provides full email functionality from the unified inbox including open, create, reply, reply all, forward and search. In addition, Unity provides cross domain calendar, contacts and tasks functionality from the unified interface. The UI is based on the familiar Outlook Web Access (OWA) user interface. Unity can be accessed from any browser.

Unity screen shot showing fused inbox and calendar.

Unity screen shot showing fused inbox and calendar.


Studies show that users spend more than 25% of their time on email alone. Unity makes cross domain users more productive saving $2,000 or more per user per year.  Unity also increases user performance by improving awareness, time to action and collaboration.  The Outlook Web Access (OWA) user interface is easy to learn, easy to use and can be accessed from a browser.