A unified common operating picture of the battle theater

GeoSpace is an SmartXD command & control (C2) cross domain prototype application that integrates with single level C2 systems and data feeds to provide a 3D geospatial common operating picture (COP) of the mission environment spanning US and Coalition forces and multiple classification levels.  GeoSpace is intended to be customized to specific mission requirements using the SmartXD Mission Application Framework and a GOTS business model.

Features & Functions

GeoSpace provides capabilities to enable C2 operators to visualize, assess, collaborate and act on dynamic events within the mission environment. Operators navigate within a 3D, geospatial world using a variety of capabilities including standard Google Earth navigation controls, the ability to rapidly find and follow specific units and the ability to move to specific locations including latitude and longitude and predefined Points of Interest. Units are shown as 3D models or 2525 icons.

The user can track a unit from a variety of “camera angles” and can optionally see track lines showing the historical track of a unity. Summary information about each unit is available including type of unit, call sign, and links to additional information and applications. Depending on the particular implementation, these links can seamlessly invoke other applications such as other C2 systems, tasking systems, collaboration and communication applications and control applications. These other applications are presented within labeled application windows on the originating network providing a single, integrated user experience.

Users can easily sort, search and filter through all the units within the mission environment to find a specific unit or a class of units that might mission needs (such as finding close air support aircraft or search and rescue assets). Once located, users can quickly access additional information and applications associated with that unit.

GeoSpace comes with connectors to specific C2 data sources and systems. Additional connectors can be created as part of a GeoSpace deployment.


GeoSpace significantly improves C2 situational awareness enabling users to quickly visualize, assess, communicate and act on changes within the mission environment. The result is faster, more accurate decision making as well as improved collaboration and information sharing.

GeoSpace screen shot showing unit with coordinates.

GeoSpace screen shot showing unit with coordinates.

In today’s world, mission environments all involve multiple networks, systems and data feeds at different classification levels. Simply trying to copy data from different classification levels to a new “least common denominator classified network” has both security and operational issues. Providing seamless access to these systems, applications and data without moving them to a new network, greatly improves security and reduces that cost and time to setup new operational systems.

By incorporating the appropriate data feeds and applications, GeoSpace can provide a solution for traditional C2, ISR, Coalition operations, and Disaster Recovery / Humanitarian Assistance. As with all SmartXD applications, GeoSpace provides a more secure, flexible, and cost effective solution to cross domain applications.